Specialty Air Roasted coffee from V Roast is not just better tasting, but it's better for your health and the environment.

V Roast Coffees

All organic coffee bar & vegetarian vegan bistro

For whole bean accounts and cold brew setup or delivery call V Roast Coffees 505-934-7592

We take a lot of pride in the way our coffee is roasted and brewed, but in the end  it starts with the bean. We source all organic coffees only.  Fair trade and single source or single estate coffee sounds cool but leaves no option for variety or fairness. 

Another thing that sets us apart from all the other coffees is we use a fluid bed roasting technology, vs drum roasted. (Learn More)

Our cold brewing process is a level of quality and freshness that exceeds most all other cold brew processes. Each keg is brewed separably and  happens in a sanitized keg under 20lb's of Nitrogen pressure and brewed for 18 hours. It's then lightly filtered into another sanitized keg with the results being a fresh tasting aromatic coffee that's superior to anything we've tasted.

We treat our bottling process with the same regard for freshness.

Fact: A 12oz serving of our cold brewed coffee is more caffeinated than the same 12oz hot brew serving. Even more awesome is 67% less acid than hot brewed coffee. Our cold brew is smooth, sweet, fresh, aromatic with right amont of bold.