Specialty Air Roasted coffee from V Roast is not just better tasting, but it's better for your health and the environment.

V Roast Coffees

All organic coffee bar & vegetarian vegan bistro

We source organic beans from the same large coastal distributors as all our favorite roasters. 

After being an artist/glassblower/filmmaker in a challenging economy, and seeing growing lines at local coffee shops, Michael thought opening a coffee shop might be a good idea. That was 2012, Fans Of Film Cafe at 504 Yale was opened. The location was not much to look at or even a good location, but Michael Palombo open with an idea to show movies and a desire to serve a better and more relaxing cup of coffee. Over the years we evolved from selling somebody else's coffee and burritos to roasting our own coffee, building our own burritos and baking our own pastries. Michael has also been a cook in the past and felt his talents had been best appreciated in food. Michael says roasting coffee is no different than cooking and that applying an artisan approach is the key to doing right.

Big thanks to my wife and business partner Monica Palombo, and also our business partner Lloyd Thrap for making the past 4 years possible.

We believe we’re something special and have lead the way in 3rd wave coffee culture as the first all organic air roaster and coffee shop in Albuquerque. We first introduced our air roasting at the 2015 and 2016 Southwest Chocolate Coffee Festival and looking forward to 2017.

Farm to cup has been mentioned as a possible new wave in coffee, We will agree that’s a part of a new wave of coffee appreciation and consumption. But we like to think we’re the new wave, and it is from farm to roaster to barista to customer, care in each is what makes a full bodied, full flavored cup of coffee. We also believe the only way to insure a quality coffee is getting our coffee from reputable sources.. Quality coffee is not single estate or fair trade, it’s not even organic. Good coffee is approved and certified through reputable distributors that profile the farms and the beans. They also listen to those tasting the coffee in house and at cuppings.. Good coffee also comes from the care of storage, roasting and brewing of coffee. These are the things we take very serious at Fans Of Film Cafe, so serious we started our own coffee company “V Roast Coffees”.

As the only all organic air roaster in Albuquerque we truly believe our coffee is the best in Albuquerque. Doesn’t matter where our coffee is coming from Sumatra, Columbia, India, Mexico it’s always the best certified organic coffee we can source in the world. See our google reviews.

What is air roasting? Also known as fluid bed roasting uses hot air from electricity and not gas, that means cleaner heat for cleaner tasting coffee. This is also good for health and planet with a 19 to one in emission, vs gas drum roasters. How does fluid bed roasting compare to how most coffee in Albuquerque is being roasted? Well most coffee is roasted in a drum like chile, and drum roasters do not allow for skin of the coffee (known as chaff) to be efficiently separated during roasting process. What happens is the chaff which is paper thin burns before coffee is roasted, the now carbonized chaff will make the coffee taste burned when it’s not. The burning of the chaff also adds known carcinogens into the coffee, and as a result changing the very flavor of the coffee. The secret for us is our roaster has a special vacuum system that removes the chaff before it has the chance to burn and contaminate the coffee, making for a yum yum and truly full body flavor!!!

We’ve also developed a cold brew process that exceeds all others in taste and freshness by brewing under pressure in sanitized NSF approved containers. We brew under pressure to eliminate oxidation and possible bacteria growth. Don’t be fooled by other cold brews that are made from instant coffees, or cold coffee being called cold brewed.
We have now moved to our new location and new name V Roast Bistro at 3904 Central se is the place to purchase whole bean by the pound, cold brew on tap, cold brew growler refills. You can talk to us about cold brew coffee delivered by the keg. V Roast Bistro 3904 Central se,  Also find our coffee and cold brews at these locations Lemonata on Silver. Be sure and follow us on FB and Twitter and support V Roast Coffee mobile espresso bar at the 2017 Southwest Chocolate and Coffee fest and local Rail Yard Farmers Markets. Online at Vroast.com.

V Roast cold brew coffees can now be found in local reails and cafe's

Michael is the founder and master roaster, Michael started roasting his own coffee in 2014

V Roast Coffees have been featured at The Southwest Coffee and Chocolate Festival